My Winter Bucket List: Vienna

My Vienna itinerary I always get so excited at the prospect of planning a new trip somewhere. Discovering new kinds of food, meeting interesting people and learning about the traditions of the country are the things I love most about travelling, and that’s why I would love to visit Vienna this winter. If you’re like me though […]

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Top Places to Eat in Berlin

Food in Berlin Food is not something that initially comes to mind when you think of Berlin, although if it does you are most likely dreaming about pretzels on the street and currywurst. However, on my recent trip to Berlin, I witnessed myself the fast changing food culture. The new generation of Berliners have a strong appreciation […]

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Why is yoga so good for surfing?

Benefits of Yoga When I recently read more into the huge benefits that yoga can have on your surfing I decided to incorporate it into to my weekly fitness routine.  And I can definitely feel the effects. It feels great to have a prepared body for surfing and great to stretching your aching muscles and […]

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Best Surfing and Camping Recipes

Alternative Camping Recipes Surf trips, camping and BBQ’s are some of my biggest highlights of summer, but if you are only eating sausages and burgers the novelty can soon wear off.  Go Outdoors asked me to share with them some of my favourite recipes. Check them out below,  (especially the sticky sweet pineapple!) Superfood Berry Breakfast […]

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Getting Around Costa Rica

Getting around Costa Rica can be quite a headache but if you look at all the options before arriving  and organise well, it will take a lot of stress away from your trip. Take into consideration the number of people in your group, how many places you want to visit, how much time you have and […]