Helpful Christmas Wish List 2016

One day left until December… Whether we like it or not, winter is definitely  drawing in. And with my car frosted over for the first time this year, I had a great sense of joy and thought Christmas is coming! I absolutely love Christmas time, all the get together, merriment and choosing the best gifts for your […]

sammy in a finisterre jacket

Walking the Isles of Scilly

28 miles west of the mainland of the Cornish coast, can be found the stunning Isles of Scilly. Which I am sure like me you must have heard or read about in a number of articles that feature places you wouldn’t believe are within the UK. With that said, a few weekends ago, I decided to take […]


My Winter Bucket List: Vienna

My Vienna itinerary I always get so excited at the prospect of planning a new trip somewhere. Discovering new kinds of food, meeting interesting people and learning about the traditions of the country are the things I love most about travelling, and that’s why I would love to visit Vienna this winter. If you’re like me though […]

asian food

Top Places to Eat in Berlin

Food in Berlin Food is not something that initially comes to mind when you think of Berlin, although if it does you are most likely dreaming about pretzels on the street and currywurst. However, on my recent trip to Berlin, I witnessed myself the fast changing food culture. The new generation of Berliners have a strong appreciation […]

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Why is yoga so good for surfing?

Benefits of Yoga When I recently read more into the huge benefits that yoga can have on your surfing I decided to incorporate it into to my weekly fitness routine.  And I can definitely feel the effects. It feels great to have a prepared body for surfing and great to stretching your aching muscles and […]