5 reasons why Cornwall’s Masked Ball is the greatest Halloween party

When it comes to Halloween shenanigans you can’t beat the Masked ball! Thousands of people descend from hundreds of different locations from the UK for 12 hours of  Halloween madness and mayhem. Here are my top 5 reasons why it was the best Halloween party I have ever been too:

It is in a theme park

The location for the bi-annual party is now held in the heart of Helston at Los Flambardos theme park, where all the rides are at no extra cost to your ticket.


The costumes are out of this world

It is an unwritten rule when going to the Masked Ball that the crazier and scarier the costume the better! It is amazing at the effort that everyone puts into their costumes which generates a great buzz and atmosphere!

Source: http://www.maskedball.net/gallery/
Source: http://www.maskedball.net/gallery/


The music and entertainment

As Flambards theme park is so isolated it allows the event to have the volume really cranked up all night with great sound quality. The range of music from 80’s disco in the Fangz tent to Hospitality playing in the main stage meant that there was a tent to suit everyone! The highlight for me as well as the other entertainment from circus acts to dancers that goes on all evening. Check out the dare devil motorists from the Demon Drome below!



Production design / themes

The imagination and detail that goes into designing the stages and the entire venue for the Masked Ball is amazing. Every stage and tent has its own quirky, bizarre theme and bold statement which really adds to the great atmosphere!

Source: http://www.maskedball.net/Halloween/2015/
Source: http://www.maskedball.net/Halloween/2015/


It helps charity

The Masked Ball have raised over £15,000 for local charities to date including Surfers against Sewage and PANTS cancer. By going to the Ball and supporting the event you are helping them actively keep supporting these charities.

Check out the video from Halloween 2014 and go grab some early bird tickets to the May event at Porthleven here.


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