How to get Healthier with Clean Sleeping


How you feel when you wake up can say a lot about your day ahead.

Getting a good night’s sleep has been scientifically proven to improve your health, mood and lifestyle. Did you know that getting enough sleep can help you lose weight, ensure that you make better informed decisions and even live longer?

So I know that it is not always possible to get the recommended 7  to 8 hours sleep but if it can be achieved, shut down your computer, stop scrolling through Instagram and  get some beauty sleep. I promise you will soon reep in the benefits.

Since using my new FitBit Blaze this month, I have been tracking my sleeping patterns as well as teamed up with Bed Guru who understand that no two people have the same sleeping patterns. They insist that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and with that in mind have asked me to take part in the 2017 trend ‘clean sleeping’.

My challenge has been to focus on my sleeping health and try changing a few sleeping habits with the aim to get a little more shut eye every night. The sleep tracker is great for allowing you to have an insight into how you sleep, showing you how often you wake up in the night or are restless. I was pretty shocked to see that I am restless on average over 12 times a night!

I have tried out a few new routines and habit changes to see what works best and wanted to share some top tips with you.

  • Pay attention to when you are eating. You want to avoid going to bed hungry or too full as this definitely disrupts your sleep. Try to eat your dinner at least a couple of hours before you go to bed so that your body has enough time to digest it.


  • Set yourself some wind down, ‘me’ time. And by this I do not mean browsing social media. Take yourself away from your day to day activities and either have warm shower, read a chapter of a book or listen to some music. This only needs to be for about 15 minutes but it will have a huge effect. Giving your mind and body the chance to d- stress and relax is vital.


  • I know this one is pretty obvious but include physical activity into your weekly routine. The best sleeps I ever have are when I have done a good exercise session.


  • This tip is dependent on how you cope with having a messy room (my room is always messy) but by recently ensuring that my room is tidy, I have been able to go to bed with a clearer mind and hence a better night’s sleep.


  • This tip you may not like  but is one of the biggest factors in ensuring that you have a good nights sleep -avoid alcohol and caffeine, Even if you feel that one glass of wine makes you sleepy, it will affect your sleep later on into the night.


There will be a different routine that works for everyone and of course it is unrealistic to suddenly never have a glass of wine or always have the time to get 7 to 8 hours sleep however  the key is to just make yourself more aware of the benefits of sleep on your health and when possible help your body out in getting a good night’s sleep!

This post is in collaboration with Bed Guru

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