Taking My Fitness to The French Mountains

sammy hiking in chamonix

For those who have read my previous post on my 30-day fitness challenge, will be aware that my short term fitness goal for the year was to get ski fit for my trip out to Chamonix, France.

If you have been skiing before you will understand me when I say that it requires a LOT of strength from your lower body muscles. Skiing puts you in a constant squat position working out your inner/outer thighs, hamstrings, quads and glutes. Most of the time you are too distracted by the beauty of the mountains around you and focused on the slope ahead of you to care about the leg burn. However, if you are skiing for your first time or have not been in a while, I thoroughly recommend getting a bit of fitness preparation into your routine a month before hand. Try adding in some squats, lunges and time on the squat machine.

I’ll be honest these are actually some of my least favourite exercises, however, I just had to keep reminding myself of the goal; ensure my body lets me have maximum time on the slopes and maximum fun!

chamonix mountains

And that it did! I had a great 4 days in Chamonix. The snow was a little bit icy at times, making it seem like I was ice skating more than skiing, but hey just being in the mountains in the sunshine and taking in the view of the amazing Mont Blanc each day was more than enough to keep me happy.


Chamonix is very different to many of the ski resorts that I have been to such as Les Arcs and some say that it is like marmite; you love it or hate it. If you are wanting easy piste runs where you can go on day expeditions then this is not the resort for you. The resort is split up into multiple ski areas that are not always connected, meaning that to visit more than one area in a day requires catching a bus. However, on the plus side, the terrain and ski options (especially if you are prepared to hike) are insane. If you like to ski off-piste and challenge yourself I promise you will find it  very hard to get bored!

sammy and josh in chamonix

sammy skiing

Would love to hear about some of your ski adventures….. feel free to comment below 🙂

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