How to Spend 48 Hours in Copenhagen


Copenhagen is regularly voted the happiest city in the world! Due to its multiple instagramable streets and cafe culture, it has in recent years become something of a trend for weekend breakers and hipsters.  My recent trip there in December was SO magical, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and Christmassy birthday weekend. I […]

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Walking the Isles of Scilly

sammy in a finisterre jacket

28 miles west of the mainland of the Cornish coast, can be found the stunning Isles of Scilly. Which I am sure like me you must have heard or read about in a number of articles that feature places you wouldn’t believe are within the UK. With that said, a few weekends ago, I decided to take […]

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My Winter Bucket List: Vienna


My Vienna itinerary I always get so excited at the prospect of planning a new trip somewhere. Discovering new kinds of food, meeting interesting people and learning about the traditions of the country are the things I love most about travelling, and that’s why I would love to visit Vienna this winter. If you’re like me though […]

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Coasteering in Cornwall

Coasteering at Harlyn

The surf is flat but you still want to get in the sea and get that adrenaline rush? Coasteering is the answer! The other weekend I headed on down to Harlyn beach to try my hand at coasteering. The surf wasn’t the best but the sun was shining and I had been meaning to try it […]

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Snow Adventures in Les Arcs

Sammy Thomas in les arcs

Les Arcs from samantha Thomas on Vimeo. ‘What do you prefer surfing or skiing?’ – the question that I regularly get asked but can never answer. All my latest posts have been mostly focused around surfing however another passion of mine is the snow, whether it be skiing, surfing or a childish snowball fight. My […]

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